Fun fact! In 2012 we discovered that towels are very Intimate hygiene accessories that usually lives in your gym bag or your trunk.
For that reason we created 2 super soft towels; one small enough to wipe your sweat off the bench (40x60cm // 15x23in) and bigger one shower size (70x140cm // 27.5x55in)

//summer 2020 GRIND TO CONQUER! ➤

Available online for preorder now ➤

PM 2020 Towels

7 thoughts on “TOWEL SET from PM

  • Love black and 27/55” is big enough towel for full body shower and it gonna fit in my bag when I go to the lake; so I preordered 2 big towels

  • If you like large, thick, super-soft towels, these are for you. I’m amazed at how big and fluffy these towels are, especially for such a low price. HOWEVER, I am one of those odd people who likes towels that are thinner and not slippery-soft/velvety.

  • Jennifer Lautenschlagar

    Maybe it’s not the most luxurious towel but it’s not bad, so if you want a huge towel you’ll do fine by this one.
    If you are a big person and jealous of the fact that you can’t wrap a normal-sized towel about yourself without embarrassing gaps and gapes, then have I got the towel for you! When I unfolded this thing my first thought was: this thing is massive. Then my second thought was: I bet I can wrap it around myself!


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