Powerlifting Motivation is a fitness apparel manufacturer supported by its followers and customers in 130 countries around the globe making PM one of the largest powerlifting communities in the world.

With the birth of social media and especially instagram in 2012 PM was born. 


We consider the concept of “seasonal collections” outdated and, instead, prefer releasing individual products that result from months of extensive research.

Our goal is to craft each product with its own identity.

We stand firmly against fast fashion and are dedicated to embracing slow fashion principles. Products must have a reason to be produced and a reason to be owned. Our vision is centered on crafting items that eliminate the desire for constant replacement, as they are designed to be inherently perfect.

Our commitment lies in eco-sustainability, reflected in our choice to produce in Europe. Furthermore, we carefully choose the materials used for our productions prioritizing the use of sustainable materials.

pm fw 2023 loose hoodies

PM exists at the intersect of engineering and art. To remain at the top of both, we need to be fearlessly innovative and constantly be future-conscious.

EU TM 017872760 // US TM 5687533 ‘POWERLIFTING MOTIVATION’ and the PM logo are trade marks and registered in numerous jurisdictions around the world.