PM Pro Wrist Wraps STIFF


PM PRO STIFF Wrist Wraps deliver remarkable training confidence and incredible build quality – purpose built to support you in reaching the next level of performance.

  • Medium – 60 cm // 24 inches
  • Large – 90 cm // 35 inches

Available in two support ways

PM Soft Wrist Wraps

PM Stiff Wrist Wraps

Weight 0.18 kg

M, L

3 reviews for PM Pro Wrist Wraps STIFF

  1. Alexa Kors

    Great support for my wrist. As someone who works out regularly, this wrap provides me with the support I needed to get through my workout despite the tendinitis in my wrist. I’ve been having severe pain for the past six months and have not been able to pick up a weight Without using these wraps. The wraps are so good that I bought a pair for my husband who also works out regularly.

  2. Nick K (store manager)

    Really good piece of kit for the Box. Easy to wrap on and provides firm support.

  3. Yousef Jammal (store manager)

    I’m using them I like them better than my strength shop ones

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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