PM Partners

Powerlifting Motivation Influencers

Our lifestyle mission:

Promoting powerlifting & related content, motivation for athletes, platform for education and motivation

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What we are looking for?

Ambassadors who are burning for powerlifting and related content who want to support PowerliftingMotivation in their mission as information & motivation platform for powerlifting.


What is in it for you?

First in line: access to latest merchandise (ambassador conditions).

Personalised discount code to share with your followers.

Features of your posts on the PM platforms & sites (PM-Admins reserve the right to decide, which posts make it to the main page)

Provision of promotion material for your social media accounts.

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  • Apply here: click this link
  • We will check if you are a good influencer for #teamPM
  • If we think that you are a great fit for representing PM, we will get in touch